I WANT TO SWAP MY VAN (part 1 of 3)

In order to organize a successful swap there are a couple of things we recommend you do before, during and after a swap.

1. You need to want to swap your house on wheels.


If you need some extra convincing or just one little extra push have a look at “10 reasons to swap your van” or “why swap with VanVanSwap“. Come on guys, you can’t deny it. For those who love their road trips and are passionate about travelling, it’s irresistible!

2. Become a swapper.

To make full use of our website (browse through our vehicles, contact users, download itineraries,…) you need to have completed your registration process satisfactorily. This provides safety to members who are already registered and welcomes members who are genuinely interested in organizing a swap. 

You will need information and some photos of your van, so make sure you have this at hand when you begin.  

Your profile is your way of presenting yourself to this community. A complete and appealing profile makes you more trustworthy and therefore increases your chances of being contacted.

Are you ready then? Become a member

3. Have everything in order

It goes without saying that your documentation needs to be up to date. Not only for the sake of this website but for your day to day life, too! Technical inspection, mechanic checkups…It is advisable to check in with your insurance company. They might recommend upgrading your coverage but policies vary from country to country. It is interesting to talk with your exchange partner and reach an agreement that suits your needs.

If you wish to be contacted only by members who have had their documents and information verified, have a look at our verification services to give you that extra peace of mind you need.

4. Motivation

Finding the perfect match might not happen on the first click of the search button (or maybe it does!?) ┬áso be patient, stay motivated…you never know. Keep sending messages to those members you are interested in and before you know you will be booking your flights! Read some tips about how to find your perfect swap.

If you have already been contacted and are arranging the details of your swap, continue reading PART 2 to find out about those things you want to keep in mind when you are planning your swap.

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