We have all looked at a map before and come to the realization that the world is ginormous and that there are many, MANY gorgeous places we would love to visit.

I don’t have enough days… it’s too far away…we need to save up… ouch, reality kicks in. However, if you own a house on wheels…  you won’t have to worry about these things anymore: JUST SWAP IT!

Here are 10 of the most obvious reasons why you shouldn’t be missing out on this experience:

1. It will save you HUGE amounts of money.

You work really hard to save up for your holidays. Don’t throw away your savings on vehicle rentals, nights in hotels, eating out for every meal… You will only have to worry about getting to your destination and once you are in the van… you know the drill! Use that extra money on experiences that really matter to you!

2. Convenience.

Families with kids, sports enthusiasts, campers… Avoid the stress of figuring out how to transport all the equipment and gear you want/need to take with you:  Your exchange partner could already have all these things and is willing to let you use them!! So pack light and go!

3. Don´t give up what makes you happy.  

Travel is the cure for the mind and If you own a house on wheels, you already know what it feels like to travel at your own pace, live like a local with the convenience of having your home with you at all times! Don’t give all this up just because your van can’t take you somewhere!!!!

4. Immediacy.

Being able to go on holiday now instead of planning and saving for years. This also translates into being able to travel more often! And we all like that!

5. Follow your passions.

We all have that one place (or many!) we want to visit: that mountain we want to hike, landscape we want to photograph, sunrise to watch, wave to catch, culture to experience…making these dreams come true has never been as easy as with VanVanSwap!

6. Try out other models.

Your van might not be fit for certain terrains…or you might be thinking about getting a new one or even building it yourself? Try out other models, learn from other van lifers, discover van builds, designs, ideas before you make the big change!

7. Meet likeminded people

Whether you own a van, caravan, motorhome, rv, 4×4… you do fulltime or part time traveling…  whether you travel with children, with pets, friends, on your own… WE ALL SHARE THE SAME PASSION for our adventures on the road in our house on wheels. So contact users from all over the world to find your ideal exchange partner!

8. First-hand information.

We all like to know the secret spots, hidden gems, tips, restaurants, local markets…we don’t want to miss on our road trips! Take advantage of the knowledge your exchange partner can offer you about the place you are going to visit.

9. Try out new experiences.

Visit family or friends abroad, plan a surprise trip for a special occasion, festivals, sports events, language immersion, work experiences, worldshooling… you name it! There is so much you will be able to do! (give those teenage kids a plan they won’t resist!)

10. Get out of your comfort zone.

For many, it might be the first time they hear about swapping their van. In our experience (and we are sure in yours too) overcoming the fear of the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone always brings the most rewarding and satisfactory experiences in life so just go for it!

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