Chances are, if you own a house on wheels… you are either on the road right now or you are planning to be on the road very soon.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could road trip ANYWHERE in the world you wanted in a simple, economical and safe way?

If you are a big dreamer like us read along to find out why van owners from all over the world are joining the community of Vanvanswap:


  • Register your vehicle for free.
  • Look for available vans wherever you want to go.
  • Contact those users and when you find a match
  • …YOU SWAP!!!

“You let me use your van and in return, you can use mine!”

Simple and brilliant!


We are well aware that what we are exchanging is much more than just a vehicle… It’s our house on wheels: probably one of our most valuable possessions (if not the most), the source of most of our happiest experiences in life!

Therefore trust and confidence within our community are the absolute key values that we strive to achieve. For this reason:

  • Only people who own a house on wheels can join the community. We don’t want just anyone using our vans. We want experienced, respectful van users who understand that your van, as well as their van, is much more than just a vehicle….and only those who have one, get it!
  • Only members who register satisfactorily (demonstrating a genuine interest in looking for an exchange) will be given access to full use of the website.  Nobody outside the community can access any information about your vans.
  • Verification services (optional) and reviews are an effective way of giving you great peace of mind. You can learn about other user’s experiences and choose to contact only those who have had their information verified.
  • Contact and exchange messages with other users. Get to know the person you might be sharing this travel experience with. Be clear about each other’s expectations and only when both parties are 100% confident will the exchange take place.


Becoming part of this community is free!

Because we are sure you will have learned by now that most of the best things in life…are…exactly that…free!


And the most important reason, VANVANSWAP is designed by van lovers for van lovers. The team behind Vanvanswap knows, first hand, that a van is much MUCH more than just a vehicle, they understand any concerns you may have and truly value your opinions. They are experienced van owners themselves and active users of the platform so all the passion and dedication into taking care of the community is their number one priority. 

Curious about how it works? read more info in our blog and read our 10 of the most obvious reasons to swap your van.

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