You’ve taken the first step.  You’ve registered on VANVANSWAP and created a detailed profile. You’ve decided that you want to try this new way of exploring and stop starting all those conversations about travelling with “one day…” That “one day” could be parked around the corner.

So, here is some advice that will help increase your chances of finding a swap:

Use our map

If you know how to use Google maps you will have no trouble exploring this one. Zoom in or out to find available vans near your desired destination. Learn where to find a user’s availability dates, discover how to do INVERSE SEARCHES, and how to benefit from the different search filters we have designed to make it easy for you. Take a look at our map.

Start Messaging

Each user profile has a map that shows the places they are interested in travelling to.  With this map, you can gauge whether or not that person would be interested in swapping their van with you.  Even if your country isn’t highlighted on their map it’s worth reaching out.  Who knows? Maybe you’ll pique their interest.

Don’t hold back when it comes to asking if a van is available or not. Your country might not be in their plans at that moment but maybe for their next road trip, it is!!!

Personalize your Messages

No one likes being on the receiving end of a copy-paste and send chain mail message. It seems logical but it’s worth reiterating.  It’s best to be honest and let the user see that you are interested in their van for specific reasons (type of vehicle, vacation destination, similar travel dates, etc). Share the reason for your trip, the size of your group, your travel dates and don’t forget to specify what kind of swap you are interested in doing.

Increase your Search Area

Let’s say you want to travel to Germany, specifically to the Black Forrest (in the South West region of the country).  One could think that the logical choice would be to contact users in that area or within a certain distance but always within the same country. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can include users who live in bordering countries, like France, Switzerland, Austria…, given that there are many nearby towns within driving distance.  Unlike in home exchanges, our homes have wheels! It doesn’t really matter where you begin your journey and remember, there are plenty of van owners who would be willing to swing by an airport or another meeting point in order to facilitate the exchange.

Check out the map to see all the available vehicles in the place you would like to visit and the surrounding areas.

Be Flexible

The destination, travel dates, vehicle size…obviously the fewer conditions we have in terms of accommodation and travel plans, the more possibilities we will have of finding a swap.

Remember that the goal of being part of this community is to be able to continue travelling in an affordable way and to be able to reach destinations that for whatever reason we are unable to get to in our own vehicles.  So, if you have the time off but you can’t find a van in France or in the USA, why not spend a few days in Norway or in Scotland…?

Check for Updates

Our community is growing little by little and you never know when a new van could appear that interests you. Don’t forget to check back regularly so that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

“One day…” or “Day one!” you decide.

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