All good things must come to an end.  Luckily for us, we can just type another destination into our search map, browse the vans and voilá! New road trip!

But before you start your planning for your new trip, here are some recommendations you should take into consideration after completing your swap.

1. Clean the vehicle

How would you like to find your van? Leave it even cleaner than that and you won’t go wrong! Jokes aside, deep cleaning a van does take a little while so it might be wise to plan your last day (or part of it) for this. Empty, clean, refill water tanks, do laundry…it all really depends on what you have agreed to do with your exchange partner.

2. Check that everything is in order

Regardless of the type of swap, all vehicles should be inspected upon return.  If you are there in person to receive the vehicle you can easily check yourself and talk to your exchange partner if there were something out of the ordinary, otherwise, you should leave detailed instructions with someone you trust so that they can have a look around.  We all know that accidents happen, things get old or stop working…it’s best to be honest and understanding.

4. Write your opinion

Share your opinions on the website for other users to learn about your experience. You will find an option that allows you to rate the user and the swap.  User ratings are important since this information offers more security, peace of mind, and assurance to our users.

You can mention anything you consider relevant: how quickly your swap partner responded, their availability during the swap, the condition of the vehicle if the vehicle was as described, the surrounding areas, etc.

Don’t forget to click on “finalize the swap” once you have finished.

5. Upload your itinerary to VanVanBook

You still don’t know about our online library of road trips from all over the world created exclusively by van owners for van owners?

If you already have a blog or have kept a record of the details of recent trips find out how you could be earning extra VanVanPoints in our post: what are VanVanBooks?.

Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened! –Dr. Seuss

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