Although we absolutely LOVE the “unplanned spontaneous” part of our road trips, we also very much appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having done our research and knowing that we have some sort of plan.

Knowing where to stop, places to camp, tourist hot spots we should skip or secret little hidden gems only locals know about, tips, recommendations, warnings…

Planning a road trip is exciting but it can also get frustrating.

There is already so much information online, some outdated, some contradictory… we spend endless hours trying to sort it all out just wishing there could be one perfect document with EVERYTHING we want to know…


VanVanSwap is collecting road trip itineraries from all over the world created solely by van owners for other fellow van owners.  If you are a member of our community you can access this information for FREE and use it when planning your future road trips. 

If you wish to download an itinerary you simply “trade” it for one of your own or use some of your VanVanPoints.

Want to have a look at our collection?

How can I upload my road trips to VanVanBooks?

To make things quick and simple for members, once you have your itinerary saved as a doc. you only need to access your profile, click on “VanVanBooks” and follow the steps… 

Our team will adapt the appearance of the book for you and once we have checked that it is good to go, your book will be uploaded!

Should I upload my experiences to VanVanbook?

Yes!! Your experiences are extremely valuable and will be of great use to other users!

If you already have a blog or have kept some sort of record during your road trip on your phone, computer, back of a napkin…put that information together in one document and use it to earn extra VanVanPoints or trade it for another ‘book’ you wish to download.

Would you like to benefit from these VanVanBooks and see how your own contributions can help other members in VanVanSwap?

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