The concept of using points is not new anymore. Important websites like HomeExchange, LoveHomeSwap, … have successfully implemented this “reward system” created to facilitate and offer greater flexibility when planning your swap.

Some may find it too complex but for others, it’s a very useful solution that makes the exchange process much easier! VanVanSwap understands this duality and therefore leaves it up to the user to decide whether to use VanVanPoints or not.

What can I use my VanVanPoints for?

  • Non-reciprocal swaps. You would like to use someone’s van who is not interested in visiting your country. Offer them VanVanPoints to stay in their van.
  • Compensate for extra days. You have organised a reciprocal exchange (you are both going to be using each other’s van) but you are planning your trip to last longer. Compensate your exchange partner with VanVanPoints for those extra days.
  • download itineraries uploaded by other users: VanVanBooks. If you are planning a road trip check our online library full of routes, unique locations, recommendations…created by experienced van owners. If you are a member of the community use your points to download whichever you are interested in.
  • Giveaways: use your points as participation for giveaways that we will be hosting for our community.¬†

Unlike other exchange pages, at VanVanSwap there is no way of “buying” points. By not involving money in the process we are giving all our members the same opportunities to build up their points.

How do I earn VanVanPoints?

There is more than one thing you can do:

  • Upload your routes to our VanVanBooks library (as many as you wish!). From 1 to 5 points.
  • Welcome people to your van for non-reciprocal swaps. Will vary.
  • Verify your profile. 3 points.
  • Invite friends to become members. 1 point per person.

By doing any of these things,  not only will you have earned your points, but also very importantly, you will be directly benefiting the community and the experience of all members: increasing the number of potential exchange partners,  making profiles more trustworthy, adding itineraries for all our road trips…

When do my points get transferred to my account?

It is done automatically. Whether you are uploading an itinerary to VanVanBooks, using them for a non-reciprocal swap,… you will be able to keep track of the number of points you have in your personal account.

How are VanVanPoints calculated?

Every single one of the vans, caravans, motorhomes, … that decide to join our community is considered to be equally unique, valuable and important. We, therefore, do not believe in a system that calculates the worth of any vehicle. We have established that 1 night = 1 VanVanPoint. But ultimately it is up to users to decide whether they want to use the system of points and discuss the terms and conditions of every exchange.

Read our FAQs to find out more about our system of points.

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