To increase your chances of exchanging your motor home, van, caravan… VanVanSwap offers different types of swaps. Choosing one format or another will vary depending on the needs and particularities of both the traveler and the destination country. Simple things like seasonal differences, duration and timing of holidays, number of people travelling… are just some of the factors that will influence your decision.


It’s the traditional form of exchange as we know it, the essence of this community:

You can use my motor home and in return, I can use yours!

This type of exchange can be:

  • SIMULTANEOUS: the exchange happens at the same time. Both members will be using each other’s van during the same dates.
  • NON-SIMULTANEOUS: the exchange happens at two different times. Members will be using each other’s van for a similar length of time but during different months.


If you are finding it difficult to find a match for your next road trip (there might not be any vans listed there yet or the vans that do exist are not available or simply don’t fit your needs for whatever reason… ) you can try contacting members for a NON-RECIPROCAL swap, using VanVanPoints. This format offers you the possibility of using somebody’s van without that person having to use yours.

Of course, as a reward for their hospitality, those owners who accept people for this type of exchange will be earning extra points that they can later use for similar or other purposes: Read What can I use my VanVanPoints for?

When you are completing your registration process you will be asked to select the type of swap you are interested in. You can select the option “open to any” and adjust it later if you are not quite sure.

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