A friend, a family member, a colleague, neighbor, someone you met on one of your road trips…

Who is the first person that came to your mind when you found out about VanVanSwap?

Anyone who owns a house on wheels is welcome to join our community. Make sure you are the first to tell them! Not only will that make you very cool 😉 but VanVanSwap will reward you and your friend with extra points you can later use as you please!

Find out more about VanVanPoints

How can I invite a friend?

Once you are a registered member you will find in your profile a code by clicking on “my preferences”. This code has been created for you only and can be used up to ten times. So choose your 10 friends (remember they need to own a house on wheels), pass them your code and every time they fully register you will receive a VanVanPoint! And your friend! What a great way to get started in our community!

We are extremely grateful for every single van that decides to join our community and make the future adventures of so many people possible!

Thank you in advance,


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